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Marketing Research Institute

Research in advanced technologies, for actionable business insights

Understand your customers' behavior, experience, and satisfaction 

Customers Research

Maximize your  advertising budget effectiveness

Campaigns Research

Optimize your products' design and pricing

Products Research


Our expertise

ifocus is a marketing research boutique institute, specializing in consumer goods and services. We excel in customer-tailored research and the use of advanced technologies to quickly discover actionable business insights.

Innovation and Technology

Technologically innovative research tools allow fast and accurate access to target audience,  and real-time measurement of physical and emotional parameters. These capabilities enable advanced multidimensional research models that reveal a new space of knowledge.
ifocus leads in the development of technology-based models and tools that empowers its customers to make quick, accurate and effective marketing decisions. 

Actionable Insights

זיהוי מבוסס-מידע של אתגרים  והזדמנויות. השוואה על פני תקופות זמן, מיקום ותחרות 

Timely Response

תכנון וביצוע סקרים דיגיטליים בזמינות גבוהה,  לרלוונטיות ודיוק בקבלת החלטות


ליווי אישי והתאמה בכל מחקר, לפי מטרות וקהלי היעד - לאורך כל שלבי המחקר: תכנון, ביצוע וניתוח

Research Target Audiences

ifocus has developed innovative research methodologies that leverage digital technologies and social networks to quickly and accurately locate target audiences, distribute surveys and gather fast and high-quality information. We help our customers understand in depth different audiences and achieve significant business result

Our Customers

ifocus customers benefit from unique research methods that are tailored to their needs, combined with relevant experience in specific industries and categories, and their implementation in the Israeli market. Our customers are local and international market leaders in consumer goods and service sectors, as well as sector-focused boutique firms

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average number of participants per research


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participants in surveys every year 

Our Services

ifocus offers its customers a wide range of research solutions. Our solutions include the knowledge, the methods, the tools, the implementation, the execution and the analysis that are required to answer the research question and derive the resulting business insight



 בדיקת קונספט 
מוצרי ותקשורתי

Products Research

מדידת אפקטיביות קמפיין דיגיטל ורשתות חברתיות

מדידת אפקטיביות קמפיין ATL

בדיקת קריאטיב
טרם עלייה לאוויר

Campaigns Research

שביעות רצון

מחקר מעמד וערכי מותג

מחקר התנהגות והרגלים בקטגוריה

מחקר וניתוח customer journey

Customers Research
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